Friday, July 28, 2006

Busy Day

Today is the dreaded "pay-the-bills" day. I also have appointments this afternoon, so I probably won't get much more done than this post. I'll try to post again later if I get a free minute. I don't even have time to change my menu. I did get in all my water yesterday though. :0)

Last night was rough. We lost power around 12:30 a.m. and it didn't come back on until 8:30 a.m. It was pretty warm and my kids didn't like the idea of being in complete darkness. So needless to say, we didn't sleep well.

We are under heat warnings again through the middle of next week. YUK! There are still people in St. Louis without power. Our church is one of them. How miserable!

Oh.. couldn't get my new picture, in my previous post, to show up in my profile. No matter what picture I try to change it to, it doesn't work. I'll have to mess with it later.

To iportion: Sorry to hear you are so sensitive to Splenda. Hopefully you can enjoy it once in a while. There is a new sweetner coming out called neo-something.. I can't remember the exact name. I read about it in Jimmy Moore's blog. Maybe that will be something you can use without problems.
Also, you mentioned journaling to keep of the weight. I think that's a great way to be held accountable. I was maintaining well for a while, then my husband lost his job and things snowballed from there. I let life get the better of me and started eating what ever I wanted again. I know many people who have maintain their low-carb lifestyle for more than 8 years, so I know it can be done. I just have to keep myself more disciplined this time.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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