Thursday, July 27, 2006

My new favorite treat...

While I've tried many commercial low-carb desserts, some of my favorites have been amoung the Breyers CarbSmart offerings. Yesterday I tried their Fudge Bars. All I can say is Y-U-M! This is heaven on stick. It's rich, creamy, smooth.. everything you'd expect good ice cream to be. And the taste? Think Wendy's chocolate frosty, but even better. The best part? Only 5 sugar alcohols total. I usually try to aviod sugar alcohols, but thankfully, for me, this is not enough to cause internal pain so I can enjoy one now and then. With only a net carb count of 3, this is a great treat for those times when you just don't feel like making something yourself. I've also policed the ingredients and found nothing suspicious - no HFCS, no cane juice, etc.

So if you are in the mood for chocolate, in a pinch this is a great choice. And at only 100 calories this is a good bargin for you calorie watchers as well.

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iportion said...

I beacme sensitve to splenda, it's not fair but really it's my own dang fault for over doing it like I did. I will lay off splenda for a while then try it.