Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today will be better

As I expected, the scale shows a 1.6 lb gain. Stooopid Pizzzzza! ;0) I'll have a great day today though. I've had a little bit of low-carb chocolate milk and I'll be talking my supplements with lunch soon. Lunch will be chicken salad and a pickle. If that isn't enought to fill me up then I'll add a salad as well.

I'm sore today. With the storms we had last week I had to remove limbs from the yard. I also trimmed the bushes in front of the house and pulled some weeds in the flower beds. I did all that on Saturday and Wow! I can really feel it in my triceps!

I'm planning on helping my kids clean their room today. If I don't post for a few days you'll know I got lost in the abyss of toys and laundry. ;-) There room is a disaster. But helping them clean and organinze out to burn a few calories.

Off the topic of weight loss: I also plan on going to one of my favorite places to relax this afternoon - Archivers! If any of you like to scrapbook then you have to look for one of these near you. They are only in a few states right now, but seem to be expanding quickly. You can also shop with them online (though not nearly as fun). I love using their work room and you can get some of the best ideas while just walking around their store. I'm starting a scrapbook for all the baby pictures I have of my kids. I'll start on my son's book today. Maybe I'll post a pic here tomorrow of one of the pages. While this has nothing to do with weight loss directly, it will keep me away from the fridge for a few hours, and that's never a bad thing. :0)

Oh.. added a new blog to my links area - Low Carb Dave! Today is his 1 year Atkinsversary and he's down 130 lbs! If you get the chance, drop in and congratulate him!

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skinnygirl said...

Hi Sperky girl...
Thanks for the motivation!
Don't worry about the scale, I usually don't weigh myself unless I'm at the gym and naked in front of the scale and that doesn't really happen often!
I know how hard it is to be carb concious but let's take it one day at time...

Skinnygirl to be...