Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sticking with what works

When I read the article titled The Secret To Loss: Motivation it was all I could do not to cry. Not because it's necessarily sad, but because it's exactly where I have been for the last few years. My regular readers know that I've been battling health issues for some time now. I was diagnosed with depression and Fibromyalgia 7 years ago, but none of the medications ever worked for me. I was truly blessed to learn about low-carb back in 2001 and it literally changed my life. I felt like I'd gotten my life back. I once again had reasons to get out of bed every morning. Knowing I wouldn't spend my days feeling hopeless, stressed and unworthy, I was able to face each day with a spring in my step and smile on my face.

But.. (you knew there was a "but" coming didn't you.) I let stress get the better of me after maintaining my 50 lb loss for close to 6 months. In one year we had lost our only source of income due to downsizing, faced financial ruin and had 5 deaths in the family. It just turned out to be more than I could take. I reverted to my old ways of dealing with my emotions - food. After all my hard work and improved health, you would think I would have known better. Instead I let all I'd learned about health, particularly my health, fade away and my emotions took over all rational thinking.

Now here I am, over 2 years later, almost 70 lbs overweight and fighting to get through each day. I hadn't forgotten what I needed to do, I just didn't have the motivation. I didn't care anymore. It wasn't until recent weeks that I realized had truly hit bottom. I was determined, like the ladies in the article, that I HAD to do something. I knew low-carb worked and that it was the miracle I needed for my health. But where to start? It was overwhelming! After several failed attempts to start induction, I realized I needed something a little different this time. I knew that low-carb was still the lifestyle for me, I just wasn't sure what it was going to take to get my motivation back.

Motivation can be found in the strangest places. Sometimes it can be a picture of yourself. Sometimes it can be clothing that no longer fits. Sometimes it's a family member or yourself getting sick. In my case, it was a combination of this blog, my website, and my need for instant gratification.

(kimkins references deleted by Sparky's Girl)

No matter what diet you are on, if it works for you and keeps you healthy, keep at it. When you know it works, it's a lot easier to stay motivated. For those of you who still feel you are fighting a losing battle, remember that you are not alone, and many before you have overcome the same obstacles you are facing. It's not impossible. You can do it! Don't let life keep you from living! Determine to be the one who steps out and makes the change and you will find that you have motivated others to do the same.

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