Friday, February 23, 2007

More of my favoirte weight loss tools

I was too busy to get back to the computer and post yesterday and I apologize. I promised to tell you about a couple more tools I use to help with my weight loss, so here they are....

Weight Commander

It's a unique program that tracks your daily weight and then maps out your trend. Despite the daily ups and downs of the scale, it will tell you if you are making progress or backing up. Here's my Weight Commander screen for today:

The hollow squares are my daily weigh-ins. The solid squares are my moving average. So no matter what the daily weigh-in may be, as long as the solid squares are moving down, you are going in the right direction. You can see that my hollow squares are a little jagged. Actually, they should look more like a mountain range with all the ups and downs I've had on the scale. But I haven't always entered my weight in like I should so it can only show what I took the time to enter. This program is a great encouragement for me. And seeing the daily ups and downs to bother me at all when I know that it's just part of my pattern.

Weight Commander also includes the following:

  • Goal setting
  • Exercise & measurements tracking
  • Printing a grocery list
  • Printable favorite recipe area
  • Personal Diary
  • Time Capsule
  • Notebook
  • Loads of encouraging sayings and tips
  • Predictions of future loss based on your trend

    This program can be a lot of fun to work with. Of course WM doesn't understand quite how quickly you can lose on low-carb, so it's saying I'll be at 180 by May. I beg to differ dear WM - I will be there much sooner than you think! :0)

    You can try Weight Commander for free for 7 days before you buy. Just visit Micheal's website, type in your e-mail address (he doesn't share it with anyone!!) and hit download. If you like it, you then pay around $10 to keep it forever. It's that simple!


    Another personal favorite is FitDay. Now most of you probably already use FD or know others who do. While it might take a bit of time to type in foods that may not be on the list, it's well worth it. It really helps you keep track of calories, carbs, fat.. whatever it is you might be concerned about. You can use Fitday for free just by visiting their website and signing up. Online Fitday allows you to share it with others as well. Why don't I share mine? Because I bought the PC version so I wouldn't have to get online every time I wanted to update my menu. The PC version is around $30 and gives you a few more features than the online version. Either way you go, it's a great tool to help you through your weight loss journey.

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