Thursday, March 29, 2007


Hodge-podge: n. A mixture of dissimilar ingredients; a jumble.

The above is a good way to describe today's blogging. This may be my only chance to post today, so I'll try to make it interesting. :0) Here are today's topics:

My Weight

First, I'm glad to announce that I'm down another pound. I actually saw 179.8 on the scale the first time I stepped on it. I was so excited to see that number! Then I stepped off and saw the word "Error". So I stepped back on a couple more times, which is usually what I do anyway, and consistently got 180.5. It's not as great as the first number.. but I'll take it!

I didn't measure this week, but I will on Tuesday and then let you know what the results are.

My Teeth

I'm feeling better somewhat, but my jaw was really stiff when I woke up this morning. I'm having to open my mouth really wide a few times, every so often, to keep it lose. I'm not complaining though.. could be worse. I'm sure I'll be quite entertaining to all who happen to see me today.


I walk into the kitchen a couple if nights ago, to turn off the lights my kids had left on, when I see something that catches my eye. Here's what I saw:

Yes, you are reading that right. My microwave display says "Child". I thought, "What in the world does that mean?" So I look all over the settings, trying to see if there was a button that said something like "child portions setting". Nope.. not a thing in reference to children on my microwave. I've had this thing 9 years and have never seen this before. I started pushing buttons to make it disappear (obviously this was after I took the picture)and nothing was working. Finally I hit something, I don't even know what button it was, and it gave me back my regular display. I found out later my kids had stuck two small unpopped kernels of popcorn, from a bag they had popped earlier, in the microwave to see if they'd pop.

My theory is, the microwave saw them coming, realized what they were doing and protested by yelling "Child", which translates: "Get these kids away from me before they destroy me!" Well.. it could happen, right?


If it wasn't for all the tornadoes (and my prayers go out to all those who suffered loss last night at the hands of these bad boys) Spring would be the perfect time of year. The temps are just right. I love the light rains. It's so refreshing after freezing my can off for several months.

I'm happy to say that it really looks like Spring around my house right now. Here is a pic of my flower bed that I took recently:

I adore tulips and I'm so glad that who ever lived here before me planted them. I can't take credit for them, but I'll gladly reap the benefits of them.

Photography Courses

My schedule has been so crazy that I've had little time to work in my lessons. I'm going to try to squeeze some time in today for them. I have learned a lot up to this point. I applied some of what I learned while taking the photos of my flower bed and came up with some nice results. Here are some of my favorites:

My last lesson was about focus and creative placement of your subject. I tried to apply some of that in the above pictures. Hope you like them!

Well, I'd better stop here. I have loads to get done today. I have a couple of recipes I want to share with you, so I'll try to get those up later today if I have time. If not it may be tomorrow or Monday.


TESS said...

OK! On the dental plan I can see where you are coming from. I would go to save 50% also. I have to go in next month for a cap as the filling in the tooth they filled last Sept came out while walking in walmart chewing gum. I just hate crunchy gum LOL, I digress, I would suggest taking a hat pin with you and when you feel pain I would jab the dentist. That would get his attention! I envy you spring. My Uncle lives in Kansas City and he tells me about spring a month or two before I get it. We are getting high winds with 20 and 30 degree wind chills. Tomorrow may make 50 and then it is back to 30s with an occasional 40 snow rain and clouds for the next 2 weeks. Spring in Central Maine comes about memorial day. Congrats on the weight!

Anonymous said...

The fact that your microwave displays distress messages had me laughing out loud!

I totally need a microwave that does that when my kids stick Pop-Tarts in the microwave...while still in the wrapper.

Sparky's Girl said...


I'm sorry to hear you have to wait a couple of months longer for Spring to hit. Look at it this way.. you aren't dealing with tornadoes either. :0)


Ya gotta love those metallic wrappers! Your sweet little guys wouldn't do that, would they? They look so innocent in the pictures!

katiep said...

Love you, love your blog.
Can't think of anything inspirational or witty to say except I think we are twins -- I've got root canal/crown work going on but my Dentist is to die for. I am seasonally affected which is unfortunate because it is now Autumn, and I'm eating low carb and NOT losing weight.
You're the good twin and I'm the bad one :) Ha Ha
AND MY HEAD WEIGHS 10 POUNDS which is exactly what I need to lose ;)

TESS said...

That is very true Sparky. A tornado here is a very rare thing indeed.I grew up in Nebr and even today when it is windy it bothers me. I think tornados are the worst of all natural disasters because they can't be predicted with any real accuracy.

Sparky's Girl said...

Sending love right back at ya!
We may very well be twins who were seperated at birth. I'm not so sure I'm the good one though. Tess' hat pin idea, where I jab the dentist when he hurts me, really sounds like a good plan. (buuuwhaahaaahaaaa!)

I seasonally affected too - which means I'd better reach my goal by next winter. Otherwise I'll struggle until the next spring.

As for your head weighing 10 lbs.. It's all that crainal muscle you got up there. If you were a moron, like me, you wouldn't have that problem. You know what they say.. ignorance is bliss! :0)

I'm glad you don't really have to deal with tornadoes. I grew up in Oklahoma, so I know all to well how distructive they can be. They are sudden, scary, and freaky.

Sparky's Girl said...

See? I am a moron.. I can't even spell cranial?

BamaGal said...

You had me spewing water out of my nose with that microwave post----you are so funny---moron---don't think so...