Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shrinking Me

Hooray! I have finally let go of the water weight! As of this morning I'm down another 1/2 lb! While I was on the scale I measured my body fat and water percents. I have a Taylor Body Fat scale. I know this isn't as accurate as calipers, but it at least gives me an idea if I'm going in the right direction. I also measured today. So here are the results:

Body Fat: Down 3% since my first measurement in January.
Water: Up 2% since my first measurement in January.

Chest: -1
Bust: 0
Neck: + 1/2 (my neck is getting bigger???)
Arms: 0
Waist: - 1/4
Hips: - 1/4
Belly: I quit trying to measure this.. it's too hard to keep the tape in the same place
Thighs: 0
Calves: - 1/4 (x2 = 1/2)

Inches lost last week: 2
Total inches lost: 14 3/4

I haven't been doing the boot camp plans I'd talked about. It's been tough with everything going on. I'm still exercising daily, it's just the eating part I'm struggling with a bit. I'm going to try again today though. I still have the trip to Vegas coming up in about 3 weeks and I want to wear some of my old clothes while we are there!!!


Fat Victoria said...

I measure my waist at my belly button. That never moves. :)

Sparky's Girl said...

That's usually where I measure my belly, but I've been having a hard time keeping the back of the tape in the same place. It seems to either want to slide up towards my waist or slide down around my hips. I don't want it in either place. Since I can't get an accurate measurement every time I'll just leave it alone. My clothes will let me know when I'm losing there. :)