Friday, March 09, 2007

This and That...

My wonderful hubby has been miserable lately due to a sinus infection. After a trip to the doctor yesterday he learned he had sinusitis. As someone who used to suffer from it all the time, I REALLY felt sorry for him. He then told me the doctor kept asking questions about his exercise routine, eating habits, etc. Well, his exercise is virtually non-existent since he spends most of his days traveling. It's just tough to keep any kind of routine going. He's also not been sticking to low-carb like he should. Which can also be tough when you travel all the time. It's doable of course, but not always easy.

After finding out he wasn't taking care of himself as he should, she told him to get back on his eating plan and exercise routing asap. For the first time in his almost 40 years he has high blood pressure. So today is starting day one of doing things correctly. I'm going to make several of his favorite low-carb snacks that he can take with him on trips. But it will be up to him to properly take care of himself when he's away from home. If you think about it, say a little prayer for him. He needs to re-establish low-carb habits before it will get any easier.

This is extremely minor, but I think my hit counter at the bottom is stuck. That sounds nuts since it's just code. But the counter has been stuck on 1700 for 2 days now, and I KNOW there have been other visitors since it hit that number. I may have to change counters if it doesn't correct itself soon.

I have to go get groceries. Have a blessed day!


Annaliese said...

Aw, your hubby has my sympathies. I used to have a job where I spent most of my day traveling and it's just sooo hard to find anything decent to eat.

Good for you for packing him good snacks!

Sparky's Girl said...

When we were traveling last weekend I realized just how hard it is. We left home on Thursday. By the time we made our return trip, on Monday, I was to the point I'd rather not eat than have another grilled meat and salad. Not because I didn't like those things. It was because I was sick of having it at almost every meal for several days in a row. It's just not the same as being at home where you can get creative with your menu.