Thursday, March 15, 2007

Working on the site today...

I'll be working on the Healthy Low-Carb Living site today. I'm trying to finish the last few pages that I seem to keep putting off.

I could use your help!

I'm working on the myths page. I'd love to know what kind of arguments you have heard in regard to low-carb being bad for you. I have the basics that are spread around the media, but maybe you've heard something I haven't. If you'd like to share your "myth" with me, please feel free to email me, or post it in the comments section here.



BamaGal said...

I get all the standrd myths and misconceptions---you know the heart disease---or that we just eat meat eggs and bacon and don't forget we live off pork rinds too---HA!---but one of my fellow nurse is convinced I'm gonna die from kidney failure---we ALL know that you are follow by a MD if the kidneys are compromised in the first place---but low carb CANNOT CAUSE kidney disease----actually in a majority of cases it makes them function better---
Also the big argument about you have to have carbs to live--well no---your body makes its own---
then there is the one about losing muscle---once again no you don't

Girl---there are so many myths that have been trumped up by the media it is ridiculous---I'm sure you'll get tons more added

Sparky's Girl said...

Thank you bamagal! I had forgotten about the losing muscle one. I love the whole "you need a minimum of 130 carbs daily for your brain to function" one. I guess that means I've been brain dead for years. :0) Funny though, I think clearer when my brain is "dead", cause when I was consuming those minimum carbs my brain needed, I was always so fuzzy headed.