Friday, April 20, 2007

Nothing new under the sun..

I don't have time to work up an interesting post today. Just too much going on. Three people in my family all have birthdays today (what are the odds?). My Dad, my niece and my father-in-law. So we have birthday celebrations all weekend,starting tonight. TOM hit today and I'm feeling a lack of willpower. PRAY for me. I'll really need it this weekend to keep from diving head first into the birthday cake.

Have a great weekend and I'll catch you again on Monday!


About PJ said...

Wow, three on the same day, that's amazing! Good luck with anything that is not cake.

I've added your blog to my links list on The Divine Low Carb, by the way!

TESS said...

I feel your pain, and turning down cake is PAIN! A least until the scale drops,then you feel quite proud of your self. I have heard this is true, I wouldn't know firsthand because I have never been able to turn down cake! Actually the cake I can turn down, it is the frosting that gets me every time!

Sparky's Girl said...

Thanks PJ, I managed to avoid the cake.. which is nothing short of a miracle for me. :0)

Thanks for the add! I'll be adding your to my list as well.

I love chocolate cake. It does feel good when you say no and then see the rewards from that denial. I've done it before, although it's hard for me every time I do it. I said no this time as well and it paid off. I'm down today (losing some of what I gained back while in Vegas).