Friday, May 25, 2007

Quick update..

Scale said 178! That's one more lb gone!

I did pretty good last night. the dinner choices were pizza, chips, soda, cookies and veggies w/ dip. I had about 3 broccoli pieces, one taste of the dip (can we say Nasty???) and picked the toppings off of two pieces of pizza. I then dug an Atkins bar out of my purse, ate it, and deemed myself full.

The rehearsal was long and exhausting. Turns out I probably will only see the first few minutes of the wedding because I have to leave to get the gazebo set up for the reception. Yep.. I'm setting up the cake and all. I promise not to stick my fingers in it. :0) You can bet I'll be having another Atkins bar tonight. LOL



About PJ said...

Congrats! It IS going down, down, down, gradually!

I went to get one of those avatars. I had a great time in my head, imagining that she was going to have to start out looking like a pumpkin HAHA! But alas. It turned out that even with nearly 100# gone I am still 50# to large for the "before" weight on them. Maybe they were afraid that making an avatar that looked like a pumpkin would offend people. ;-)

Sparky's Girl said...

Thanks PJ! There is another one I used to use. Let me see if I can find it again - maybe it would work better for you.

TESS said...

Great going on the weight loss. I changed my diet several times while I was losing, always low carb and it kept the weight loss going. I learned this after I stalled for 7 months and yes, it was a stall because I kept strictly to my diet. I want to mention a cracker I buy that really helps me. I am thinking of the chicken salad in your previous post. It is called Scandinavian Bran Crisp bread. If you can eat bran. It has 16 calories and no carbs. By it self it isn't very tasty. But it is great with something on it. I use a table spoon of cream cheese most often but have used it for tuna and chicken salad. I buy mine at but they are on other websites as well. Can probably be found in health food stores. Don't confuse it with Bran o crisp which has 20 calories and 4 carbs. The bran o crisp is a crunchier cracker but not enough different to use up the carbs on. You may have already tried them but thought I would pass this on. I would advise you to first try it with something on it before trying it plain.

Sparky's Girl said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Bran Crisp bread Tess! I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it. Right now I don't miss having bread or crackers with my chicken salad. In the past, when I really wanted something with it, I'd use low-carb tortillas and it was pretty good. But the crisp bread sounds great! I'll have to keep some on hand for those times when I'm tired of chicken salad on it's own.