Thursday, May 10, 2007

Random Babble..

I'm in a strange mood today, so I will just entertain you with random thoughts. Some will be meaningful, some will be idiotic. You can decide which is which. :0)

  • If our knees were on backwards, how would we sit?

  • Reading Jimmy's blog today, I was saddened to hear of a couple, who are vegans, who went to jail for malnourishing their child. The baby died. It was depressing. Someone was commenting on how none of us were born to eat meat, blah, blah, blah. His exact words were:

    "Keep in mind that the perfect food for a baby is the vegan diet - it should be drinking its mothers milk (not any other animals milk) and of course, no baby can eat meat. We are all born vegetarian."

    Ok.. so why is it ok for a calf to drink it's mother's milk, but not ok for us to do so? Isn't it all the same? Lactation is a natural process. It's not like we are forcing nature here. As far as the comment that no baby can eat meat.. yeah.. that would be because they don't have teeth yet. By the time a child develops teeth, which enables him/her to chew the meat, his/her digestive system is ready for it. See? Nature DOES know what it's doing after all.

    Science4u1959 always has the most informative and intelligent answers to these comments. He is now officially on my hero list. When I grow up, I want to be as smart as him. The only problems being: I'll probably never grow up AND I'm not the brightest bulb in the lamp.

  • If you get scared half to death, twice, what happens?

  • I hate those quizzes people send you in e-mail. You know the ones, where you have to answer all these personal questions. But I've actually considered posting the "100 things you don't know about me" on here. Why? Because I could have sooooo much fun with that. What's great is you wouldn't know if I was making stuff up or not. :0)

  • I also hate the forwarded e-mail that threatens you if you don't pass it on. Peeps, I barely have time to pass on anything really important. Do you really expect me to care about some text that claims some poor little kids puppy will explode if I don't pass it on. Send me pictures of the mess.. then I'll believe.

  • Phone numbers. We have one that used to belong to two different people. Who apparently both don't pay their bills. It's really annoying getting 4 or 5 collections calls a day for other people. I guess I should just be happy they aren't after me. But most of them are the automated kind. "Please call us back at.." Riiiight. Like I'm really gonna call you back if I'm trying to stiff the bill.

    The last message on our machine had me cracking up.

    "This message is for _________, if you are not ________ please delete this message, as it is not for you. If you are _______ it is important that you call us back..."

    How do they expect this method to be effective? How are they gonna know if I am or am not _______ ? So since I'm not the person they are looking for, how do they handle it? Simple, by calling everyday with the same asinine automated message. I bet Mr. _________ is somewhere laughing his can off right now, knowing that someone else is suffering through the torture intended for him. I would call them back and let them know.. but the message is so long that my machine cuts out half way through the numbers they give. Besides, if they are doing business like that, they don't deserve to find Mr.________.

  • I'm also sick of automated sales calls. I'm on the no-call list, but obviously that only applies when real people are on both ends of the phone.

    I told ya I was in a mood.. you were warned.


    Cindy said...

    "Keep in mind that the perfect food for a baby is the vegan diet - it should be drinking its mothers milk (not any other animals milk) and of course, no baby can eat meat. We are all born vegetarian."

    First off, a baby drinking mom's milk is not vegetarian....and all mammals start out drining mom's milk...that's what makes them mammals!

    Second, if momma doesn't have enough milk (as I didn't) then the baby is put on formula....formula made from cow's milk or soy. There is no reason to give a baby only soy milk!

    I'd like to know if this baby had been being followed by a doc...and if so, how it got to this point!?!?

    As for babies not eating meat? Mine did....not at birth, but certainly before they got teeth. As soon as they were old enough to sit in a high chair, I'd give them a good sized piece of meat and let them do what they wanted. It had to be a dense meat like steak and a big enough chunk that they couldn't choke on it.

    My daughter never liked it (and still isn't a meat eater at 25), but my son loved it! I did this on the advice of my mom....she said when we were babies. Let me tell you, when my son got rid of that piece of meat there was no juice or fat left in it. To this day he's a meat eater....just like his momma.

    Sparky's Girl said...

    I agree with you Cindy. Surely this child was getting regular check ups. Why didn't the doctor catch this? If not, then they were more than guilty of neglect.