Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saturday's Meet-Up... Here's What Happened.

Hey everyone. I thought I'd post a quick apology to those who showed up at Ryan's and couldn't find us. I promise - we were there! We arrived very early and informed the lady seating us that we had many more coming around noon. They gave us a large table in the party room in the back.

We ate and talked and waited. When noon rolled around and no one had showed up, Jimmy got up and walked around in the front of the restaurant to see if anyone was sitting out there. Mostly what he saw were military. Lots of military.

The manager didn't know about our get-together and the lady that sat us must have forgotten to pass it on to anyone else. It appears that several people showed up, asked about the get-together, was told the staff knew nothing about it, and so they left. I think the servers were overwhelmed with the military, not to mention a large group that joined us in the party room. The manager realized a bit too late what had happened and was able to find one person before she left. She then joined us in the party room. (It was great to meet you Lisa!)

I am so very sorry that we missed those of you who made the effort to be there. I guess we'll need to be sure to have signs next time. Or at the least make sure EVERYONE in the building knows about the meeting. It just makes me sick that we were all there at the same time, yet missed each other. I was looking forward to meeting all the great people who were going to be there. I know Jimmy and Christine were disappointed as well. Hopefully we can convince Mr. & Mrs. Moore to come back and visit us again very soon.

For those who are interested in how it went otherwise, we had a very nice, although quieter than expected, lunch. Yes, we discussed low-carb. I think John (my hubby) and Jimmy talked about golf more though. ;0)

Here are a few pictures we took while there:

From left to right: Me, Christine, Jimmy, my daughter Rachel, my son Matt, and Lisa (photo taken by my wonderful Hubby!)

Jimmy and Christine smiling for the camera while Lisa and my hubby chat in the back ground.

Christine and I - perfect angels! (OK.. so maybe just Christine fits in that category.. but I can dream, right?)

Let me just say that we found Jimmy to be a person with a heart of gold. If you think his enthusiasm for life and healthy living is infectious through his blog.. it's nothing compared to talking with him face to face. I left Ryan's feeling a renewed energy and determination to stick with it, no matter how tough it gets. And for that, I have to say thank you. Not just to Jimmy, but to everyone who works hard to help others in this crazy, mixed-up, spinning ball we live on.

It's people who truly care, and do their best to show it, that make this world a better place to live. I'm doing my best to be that kind of person. I hope all of you are too.


Jimmy Moore said...

THANK YOU for those kind words, Amy, and I have to say you and your family were so incredibly gracious to Christine and I while we were in St. Louis. And those kids--ADORABLE! :)

We'll definitely have to do this again sometime...when we'll have thousands banging the door down to...oh, I'll wake up from my dream now. Hee hee!

I missed seeing those who were turned away, but am available anytime at my blog. God bless you guys!

Sparky's Girl said...

You are welcome Jimmy! We are looking forward to meeting up again!