Friday, December 28, 2007

Today's Must See Links

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday so far. Enjoy yourselves, but don't let the festivities be an excuse to pig out on carbs that will just make you sick and angry with yourself. Stick with the healthy low-carb foods and your body will thank you for it!

This weekend will be crazy for me. The New Year is just around the corner and my daughter's birthday is tomorrow, so my to-do list is rather long right now. I'm going to share a few great links with you today. Enjoy!

It's About Time!
Dr. Mary Vernon has a terrific post here on her blog today. She explains that the American Diabetes Association is finally coming around to seeing the truth. They are coming online today to announce that they have reversed their position on the Atkins diet and the role carbohydrates play in managing diabetes. Folks, this is HUGE! While Dr. Vernon isn't overly impressed, I do feel this is a great step in the right direction for those of us who have been fighting hard for low-carb to get the credit it deserves. This could ultimately help open the door for the public to learn the truth about the health benefits of low-carb living. I fully expect the media to fight this tooth and nail, not to mention all the low-fat zealots and PETA freaks we'll see come out of the woodwork. But in the end I believe the truth will prevail and Dr. Atkins will finally get the kudos he deserves, God rest his soul.

Research suggests overall fat intake has little or no bearing on breast cancer risk
Dr. Briffa has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers. He has some outstanding information and really tries to keep it simple. His latest post highlights recent research that refutes the claim that high fat intake increases the risk for breast cancer. As someone who is already high risk, I want to know the truth about what I can do to try to prevent this horrible disease from getting me. The research suggests keeping insulin levels lower to lower your risk. I'm happily doing that with my low-carb diet. But in the past we were told to manage this with a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet. Are they NUTS??? Thankfully I know better and have been enjoying good health with the help of my low-carb lifestyle. But what about all those millions of people who haven't yet heard this? That's why I'm so glad Dr. Briffa, and many others like him, are making sure we know what real science is proving.

You burned off that donut? Think again!
Dr. Mike Eades does a fantastic job of keeping us in the know. This post about exercise and calories truly is a "must see", especially if you are one of those folks who eat something sugary expecting an hour on the treadmill to cancel it out. Sorry, doesn't appear to be that simple.

OK, off to get some things done. Have a wonderful low-carb day!


OhYeahBabe said...

Great links, thanks! Dr. Vernon rocks!
Kimorexia Blog

Sparky's Girl said...

Thanks OYB! I agree... Dr. Vernon is awesome!