Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Please Help The Sherburne Family

Many of you already know about the horrible car accident that injured Christin Sherburne, her husband and two small children on Jan. 1st. After spending the day with family they were traveling home when they were in a three-car accident. From the way I understand it, the car rolled and sent all the contents inside flying everywhere. Thankfully everyone was buckled in. But when a car is damaged this bad, you aren't walking away without some injuries.

It was really a miracle of God that anyone left this car alive! I'm praising God that both the children were fine, although banged up. Her husband is doing better and may be able to go back to work soon. But Christin herself sustained most of the injuries. She's been in a lot of pain and I know she appreciates all the prayers that have been ascending to Heaven for her.

While I personally believe prayer is the most beneficial way we can help them right now, there is another way we can lend a hand to this family in need. They not only have huge medical bills racking up everyday, but they also have lost one income now that Christin is unable to work. Her recovery could take some time, and you know how difficult each missed day can be in regards to paying the bills. Thankfully there has been a fund send up to help with these enormous expenses. Of course one person may not feel like their donation can really make a difference, but together we could each donate a small amount to help them through this tough time, and that could add up fast! Whether you are able to just give $5, or as much $100, her family will be forever grateful for the gift of love. I know my husband and I are planning on making our donation on Friday (after payday). It won't be much, but I know with other donations it can go along way to helping them through the rough spots ahead.

So if you feel lead to help this family out, you can donate through Paypal. All the details for donations, as well as updates, can be found at

May God bless each of you!

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