Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I hate drive-thrus

Does anyone remember that scene in Lethal Weapon (maybe it was 2, I can't remember) where the annoying little guy (Joe Pesci) complains about how you never get your order right in the drive-thru? I think he's right.

We had a very busy morning. My daughter had an art class at 9 a.m. We left there at 10:30 and ran a couple of errands. It was lunch when we finished the errands and everyone was hungry. So we go through the Arby's drive-thru. I usually order the Pick 5 and get a Diet Soda and 4 Arby's melts, no cheese. Then I take all the meat off of the bun and eat it with a fork. So we place our order, pay and leave. I'm about a block away when my son realizes part of his order is missing. I turn around and go back. I walk inside with my receipt and they give me the rest of the order.

Now I'm back in the car and really hungry because I can smell the food. I get home, sit down, unwrap my sandwiches only to find they are covered in that nasty cheese sauce. Some people like the stuff, but I can't stand it. Besides, it's not real cheese. It has the word "product" on the label somewhere I'm sure. I'm too tired to go back so I just scrape as much off as I can and try to eat it anyway. *GAG*

This seems to happen to us often. My daughter will only eat her chicken if it has a certain sauce with it. Nine out of ten times they forget to give us the sauce. Now I save the extras and keep them in the car for those times when they forget it. "Anyone wanna see my sweet and sour sauce collection?"

There have been several times we've driven away, like today, and later found out that part of the order was missing. Here's a good one - A few weeks ago I went through a McDonald's and ordered a Big & Tasty, no onions. My plan was to go home, take off the bun and eat the rest. Guess what I found when I opened the wrapper? Yes, there were onions, but that's not a big deal, I can pick them off. The problem was there was NO MEAT! I got a meatless burger. How does that happen? Do people really order it that way? I'm not sure you can even call it a Big & Tasty at that point. It would be more like Bland & Pointless.

Anyway, we've cut way back on our fast fooding (it's just not that good for you, even when doing it low-carb). But it's still annoying to have to check all the contents of the bag before you pull away from the window.

Has anyone seen my salad?


kendalswife said...

They say (whoever "they" is) that you should always special order fast food. That way it's guaranteed fresh and not sitting around under heat lamps forever. I hate mustard, so I special order everything anyway. But, I so know what you mean. They never get it right. There's usually mustard on all my food anyway.

Amy Dungan (a.k.a Sparky's Girl) said...

According to Far Side, "They" is some guy in a dark basement with a telephone. :0)

I expect them to goof up occasionally. But all the time? I'm not exaggerating. It's 99% of the time I have to remind them of something on my order, go back and get what they left out, or take something off that I asked they leave out.

I know what you mean about special ordering too. I have friend who always orders her French fries without salt. Since the pre-salt all the fries she's knows she'll get a fresh batch.