Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who'd like to buy my life?

I really get a kick out of reading the "Odd News" reports on Yahoo. Some of the stories are so hard to believe. And I like sharing them with you now and then. So sit back, read, laugh, and feel REALLY good about yourself because you aren't this guy.

Man auctions off life on ebay

And I quote:

Lovelorn Englishman Ian Usher, who put his life in Australia up for sale on the Internet, said Tuesday "idiots" had made fake bids which pushed up the price of his home, job and lifestyle to unrealistic levels.

Unrealistic levels huh? Idiots did this? I'm thinking the biggest idiot is the one that tries to AUCTION HIS ENTIRE LIFE ON EBAY. What planet of delusion was he raised on? And he can't figure out why people jacked around with him???

'Nuff said.

Got any favorites of your own to share? I'd LOVE to see them. :)

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