Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Drive-By Blogging

Sorry. All I have time for today is a drive-by. I have a lot of work to do and a lot of schooling to catch up on. So here's the run down...


Tired of hearing the old "The Chinese aren't unhealthy and look at all the carbs they eat!!" mantra? Check out this study brought to our attention by Dr. Mike Eades. Then, as Dr. Mike suggests, keep this reference handy for the next time you encounter this question.

Is Candida or yeast sabotaging your weight loss efforts? If you are having problems losing weight, this very well could be the case. Check out this great blog post from my friend Jennier Eloff, author of several fabulous low-carb cookbooks (two of which I'll be reviewing soon). Be sure to check out her other great posts as well and leave her a comment! :)

Dr. John Briffa gives us more evidence that using BMI is just bunk when it comes to assessing health.

Ok.. all I have time for right now. Maybe I can sneak back in later with more.


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