Friday, July 25, 2008

I finally went to the doctor...

Yesterday I hit what felt like an all-time low. I decided enough was enough. I don't care if I don't have insurance... I need help. So today I saw a doctor. We talked about my history, all the years I've battled with fatigue, my weight yo-yo's etc.

She did a pressure point test on me. Then looked me in the eye and said "you don't have fibromyalgia". I think my heart I always suspected this, so it really came as no surprise, but it was nice to hear a doctor say it.

She drew blood and is sending it off to test my thyroid and to see if I'm anemic. She got me fixed up with more acid reflux meds, which I rarely need now that I'm low-carbing, but nice to have around for when I do. She also tested my blood glucose with her meter then with mine. Looks like mine needs to be calibrated as it runs about 10 points higher than hers. It was actually good today... 89. Lowest I've seen it in months.

She got on to me a bit about skipping out on my Mammograms I'm supposed to be getting and gave me the number of a clinic who will take care of me for free. Thank the Lord. I can't imagine what getting those will cost otherwise.

Then before I left she gave me a B-12 shot to help me out. I don't know how long those take to work or last, but I can already tell a little difference.

Anyhoo... I'll just deal with money issues later I guess. Right now I have to save myself and my sanity. I should have results back on Monday, so I'll give an update then.

Have a great weekend!


Oinkstop said...

There's something pretty shameful about the fact that we live in a country where people are afraid to go to the doctor because they know they can't afford it. Although I don't think that government-sponsored universal health care is the answer, I think we need to do something to bring the costs of regular medical treatment within the reach of everyday Americans.

Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) said...

I agree oinkstop. I don't really think government universal care is the answer either, and I guess if anyone should be for it, it's me. But I'm not sure it's the answer. I agree that getting the cost of healthcare under control, at least to an extent, would be helpful.
It's one thing to know I'll have to pay $50 - $100 on office visits. It's another thing to worry what it costs if I need to actually treat anything. Heaven help me should I need a specialist... It's enough to give a person an ulcer and high blood pressure.

Ladyred56 said...

Amy I am so incredibly happy to hear that you don't have Fibromyalgia! This damn disease is nasty!

Hugs to you sweetie!

Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) said...

Hugs back to you LadyRed! You've always been such great support when I needed it. I'm just sorry so many other great people have to deal with FMS... If what I deal with is even remotely close, which I guess it must be or I wouldn't have been diagnosed with it, my heart breaks for you all. :(

Ladyred56 said...

I just sent you off a private email.

apronstringsandothertiesthatbind said...

Health care is expensive any way you add it up. I always hesitate going to the doctor for that reason and we have insurance...of a sort.

I've got FMS and have learned to "live" with it rather than it control my life.

I hope you find a satisfactory solution to your health issues and get to feeling on top of your game quickly.


Carol Bardelli said...

Amy, I sure hope the tests and doctor find something you can fix. I know how it is to go years and not have any answers. It totally sucks. You're in my prayers. Sometimes these life tests we're given are the frozen limit.

We're uninsured too. Luckily we rarely need a doctor and have several good clinics that are sort of affordable.

Hope you're feeling better soonest.

Sherrie said...

Hey Amy, how did your blood tests go? how was your thyroid?