Thursday, October 16, 2008

And now, it's time for.... an update!

Here's the low-down of the hoe-down were are having in M-town. (Please.. no offers to write poetry for you. Really. I'm much too busy. :p )

On Examiner: Last night I put up a review of Perdue's Short Cuts pre-cooked chicken. Be sure to take a looksie. And later today I'll have an interesting article about depression and low-carb, so be sure to check back.

Weight-Loss: I finally have an update! I started back on strict induction just over a week ago and as of this morning have lost almost 7 lbs. I'm drinking lots of water, and am eating only whole foods, with the exception of an occasional shake or low-carb bar when I'm on the run. I'm trying to make those a rare thing. I'm planning on adding exercise back into my routine today. I've been so busy lately that exercise got shoved aside. I've reworked my schedule and shoved it right back in. I've actually made my workout part of our home school P.E. time. I'm exercising with the kids, so that's a good improvement for us all. Anyway, I'm finally losing weight again. I'm not sure why it's working this time and didn't last time (Probably hormonal. Curse you hormones!!!), but I'm not complaining. I'm enjoying the ride back down.

Photography: Some of you may be wondering how my photography schooling/career is going. Right now, it's not. I've been so busy I have had little chance to do much with my camera. Obviously if a job came in I'd be all over it. But right now it's just slow going. I will share with you a job I did this summer though.

I took the following shot for a 50's themed restaurant called T-Birds:
57 T-Bird
(click to see enlarged.)

It was enlarged to around 40"x80" and was placed as the main focal point. Here's a shot just after it was hung:

(click to see enlarged.)

I need to take a recent shot now that all the other decorations are hung around it. (And I just had lunch there yesterday... I should have thought of it then.)
Anyway, I'm very proud of the way this project turned out and the restaurant owner really liked it.

Cat: My kitten Jazzy is all grown up now. Well, she'll be a year old next month anyway and she's no longer resembles that tiny little creature we brought home. She spends her days attacking our legs from some hiding place and sleeping. Occasionally she eats and uses the box. Speaking of which, we are trying to toilet train her. Don't laugh. I bet it's easier than potty training a toddler. And I don't have to worry about the cat hiding behind a chair with a red face 'cause she's "doin' her bizness" in her drawers.


Jennifer said...

Great job on the restaurant job - photo is really cool on the wall. Amy, so happy you're losing weight again. Weigh to go!

Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) said...

Thanks Jennifer. I'm pretty proud of that job. And thanks on the weight loss too! I'm happy it's moving in the right direction again.