Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More high fructose hype? You gotta see this!

Some of you may remember the little run-in I had with the "corn lady" (president of the corn refiners association Audrae Erickson). It happened over one of my early articles on examiner where I reviewed the drink Zevia. I mentioned that HFCS is horrid and she took offense. (Makes sense. It is her cash cow so I can understand getting her feathers ruffled at bit.) If I would have been wrong, then I would have apologized and went on. But I am not wrong, the stuff is horrid. And many others feel the same way and said as much in the comments.

Later in the mail I receive this packet of info from her about HFCS and how it's just as healthy as fruit juice, etc. Can we say SO WHAT? Fruit juice isn't healthy either! Nor is any of the other dietary junk that raises our insulin to unusable amounts. So no one is convincing me different.

About that same time they release these ridiculous ads that show "morons" spreading myths about HFCS and how unhealthy it is. Will the morons please raise their hands? Hmm... Looks like there are an awful lot of us. If spreading the word about the dangers of unhealthy foods and additives makes me a moron, then so be it. I'll wear the badge proudly.

Recently Dr. Mike Eades (one of our favorite lc doctors and bloggers) received the same package I did a few months back. He shares his fantastic thoughts about this here, as well as two of the commercials that are being used to promote this nasty product.

Now you can find this same video on his post, but it's just so funny I had to share it here as well. The producers of this video are using a very serious (and sensitive) subject, the Nazis, to make a point about HFCS. (And they parody the HFCS ads, which I just LOVE!!) I think they make the point very well. But you can decide for yourself:

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Jennifer said...

LOL Interesting!

You've made a name for yourself too, Amy! People in big companies with big money at stake are feeling threatened enough by your writing to try to persuade you otherwise.