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Cereal Killer Contains Scary Truths

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Cereal Killer contains Scary Truths

Reprint from my column

I've certainly had my share of nightmares about cereal, Twinkies and Doritos chasing me and making me binge on them. (Admit it – you've have that dream too!) But you won’t find that kind of suspense and thrills in this amazing book by author Alan Watson. What you’ll read here is even more frightening.

This isn’t your grandfather’s cereal, or even your great-grandfather’s cereal. More than likely it’s because they didn’t eat cereal. They ate real food. Bacon. Eggs. Steak. In the last several decades we have been told that processed low-fat food products are better for us. So naturally we obliged. After all, who doesn’t want to be trim and healthy? After years and years of following what we assumed to be sound scientific advice, are we any healthier? No. In fact, we are one of the unhealthiest nations on the planet. Mr. Watson sees this problem. In Cereal Killer Alan gives us insight into how it all got started and helps us understand just what this so-called “healthy American diet” is really doing to our bodies.

People need to understand that reading the back of a cereal box for your nutritional advice is a bad idea. I’d laugh if I were actually kidding. Here’s a quote:

Keys to Healthy Living

Eating a balanced diet moderate in calories and getting exercise are keys to a healthy lifestyle. A cereal breakfast is a simple step you can take. (Their emphasis, not mine.) Research shows that people who frequently eat cereal have healthier body weights.

Then they explain % daily values.

DV’s tell you if a food group is high or low in a nutrient… Sugar does not have a DV.

And this means what… Eat sugar to your heart’s content?

Who’d like to take a stab at which cereal box this is on? Try Cookie Crisp. So according to the back of the Cookie Crisp cereal box, eating this sugar-filled processed junk for breakfast is perfectly fine. It will keep you at a healthy body weight and since there is no DV on sugar, you don’t have to limit it or consume a certain level. At the least, a statement like this is misleading.

Cereal Killer will change your way of thinking about our government backed nutrition and health guidelines.From the back of the book:

So! How are the children doing?

End of summer, 2008. A record number of American children are being diagnosed with asthma, obesity, diabetes, and bipolar disorder. Along with surging food and medical costs, Americans must come to grips with declining life expectancy – now 37th in the world…
In this explosive book, Alan Watson sheds new light now how corporate greed, government delusion, and slippery science are making our children sick and causing what the late Dr. Robert Atkins called “diabesity.”

Cereal Killer is a stinging indictment of the big cereal companies and drug industries who enjoy huge profits as Americans of all ages suffer from failed “low fat” federal nutrition guidelines and record levels of chronic disease.

After you read Cereal Killer, you will know:

Why obesity is epidemic.

Why diabetes is soaring.

Why cholesterol and saturated fat are not the cause of heart disease.

I could barely put this book down. It has great information and confirms what I think most of us have suspected for years. Health and obesity is big business in America and there are individuals and companies who’d like to keep it that way. We can fight back by staying informed and educated. Mr. Watson’s book is a great place to start and I highly recommend it.

You can learn more about this book and how to purchase it at Diet Heart Publishing or at

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