Monday, January 05, 2009

Update for Jan. 5, 2009

Hey gang.

This weekend was nutso. I had lots of plans, but my body decided otherwise. I came down with the flu. I'm much better now, so it was only a 48 hour kind of thing. But wow, it wasn't fun at all. And it's still reeking havoc in my household. My daughter is almost recovered. My hubby is feeling really bad. I mean really bad. He's on day two and still dealing with body aches, etc. It hit him differently than it did the rest of us. Or else he got a different virus. My son has been fortunate enough not to have caught anything yet, so lets keep our fingers crossed that he stays healthy.

This wonderful tidbit of info, that I'm sure you were thrilled to receive, is in part here to help explain why I can't start the Great Start Giveaway today. I was too sick to get it all together this weekend. I will be getting all the info up tomorrow though. (I'll make a separate post to announce the delay.)

As for my menus, they weren't stellar with all the yukkies going around this weekend. I spent two days existing on dry toast and chicken broth. But since the contents of my stomach stayed put, despite the pain in that area, I didn't lose weight the bad way. I still managed to drop a little. Before the creeping crud attacked me, I had lost another 2 lbs or so. As of today I'm down a total of 3.4 lbs. So still making progress, and none of it is artificial progress due to being sick. :)

Ok, I need to get to work no the giveaway. Be sure to check back tomorrow as we get started.

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