Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Win Sugerettes by Scott Olsen!

Only a few days left in the giveaway and yet so many prizes to tell you about! (As I type with a burnt index finger...)

I've had the opportunity to read some fantastic books in the past few months, despite what little time I seem to have. One of those books was Sugarettes by Scott Olsen. This was another one of those books I just couldn't put down.

Sugarettes - sugar plays the unassuming Villian
Reprint from Examiner.com

Sugar, the bane of our existence. Once considered a luxury, it can now be found in every food imaginable. Its many forms can be located in the ingredients list of edibles ranging from the expected, like ice cream, to the unexpected, like tomato sauce. (Why again do we need sugar in tomato sauce?) I call it a bane because it’s difficult to imagine life without it, and yet we’d be better off if we never touched the stuff. You may think this is just my personal opinion, but there are many people, not to mention studies, that agree. It’s a poison of sorts, but unlike arsenic, it kills us slowly. Sadly, too many of us don’t understand that and continue our addiction to a substance that is just as dangerous as any other drug available.

Dr. Scott Olson ND understands the sugar problem we have in our society and wrote a fantastic book on the subject. Sugarettes, Sugar Addiction and Your Health is a tidy little book with wonderful nuggets of information that will keep you interested and educated. The cover and title are clever and give you a real sense of what you’ll find inside. There are illustrations about cells, sugar, and insulin response which are a great aid for those who need to visualize the process. (That'd be me!) Not only does Scott explain how sugar destroys our health, but he includes some history behind the human diet, and gives us some ideas of ways to rid ourselves of this white poison for good.

If you have a sugar addict in your family, or are one yourself, I highly recommend this book. It would make a fantastic gift for anyone in your life that is concerned about staying healthy. You can learn more about the book and Dr. Olson by visiting his website. He’s also currently holding a 30 day sugar free challenge and invites anyone interested to join in.

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