Monday, February 16, 2009

Interesting tid-bits and the word LIKE

Hey everyone! I hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Weekend!

Today I thought I'd share some bits and pieces that caught my attention in the news. And then I have a story to tell you about that four letter word so many people use... like.

Let's look at the headlines first:

Britney's cousin Alli Sims assaulted with alcohol by film producer - So what does this have to do with low-carb? I asked myself that too when I saw the headline in my inbox. Turns out the drink he threw on her was a new Australian low-carb beer! Wow... I know you are all in awe of such news. Obviously many media outlets felt this was newsworthy though. I've seen this headline in several places. *SIGH* So glad the important stuff is getting covered.

Low-carb diet burns more excess liver fat than low-cal diet
- Does this surprise anyone? Didn't think so. They keep posting these headlines like it's some miraculous new discovery. Low-carbers have known these things for years... but nobody has bothered to listen to us.

Controlling Type 2 Diabetes With Low-Carb Diets - Again, nothing new. But I'm glad to see that the media is finally starting to print the truth, instead of sensationalizing the myths.

After 24 weeks, their glycemic control was determined by a blood test that measured hemoglobin A1C, a standard test used to determine blood sugar control in patients with diabetes. Of those who completed the study, the volunteers in the low-carbohydrate diet group had greater improvements in hemoglobin A1C. Diabetes medications were reduced or eliminated in 95 percent of the low-carbohydrate volunteers, compared to 62 percent in the low-glycemic group. The low-carbohydrate diet also resulted in a greater reduction in weight.

This is just awesome and I hope more doctors open their eyes and see the facts that continue to stare them in the face. Which would you rather have - medication or a diet change. I'd vote for a diet change any day. And patients should have that choice.

Low-carb battles in your brain - More fantastic illumination from our beloved Dr. Mike. He helps explain why we sometimes struggle with sticking to our diets. It's a fascinating read that you don't want to miss!


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The word like. It's not a big word. It's not a fancy word. It is a four letter word, but then there are many of those, and this one isn't censorable. So why is this word so prevalent in some people's vocabulary? I'm going to tell you a story about something my hubby and I witnessed Saturday night. But instead of telling you this story the way I would normally tell it, I'll do it as if the subject of my story was telling it.

So, like, we went to our favorite, like, restaurant for Valentine's Day. Cause like, ya know, we like, wanted to celebrate. The place was like, packed and we like, had to wait for over, like, an hour or more to be, like, seated. We were tired of, like, being crammed in like sardines, so we like, headed to the bar to get something to like, drink. While standing at the bar, there was like, these two collage girls sharing a drink and like, talking about stuff. As some young people do, they like, were talking really, like, loud. So like, everyone in the bar area could like, hear their every word. And when you add, like, alcohol to like, a loud collage student, it like, really gets loud. And like, kind of like, obnoxious.

So she like, talks about all kinds of things, and, like, uses the word like so often that I start counting because ya know, it's like, funny! We stood there for probably like, 30 minutes or so and I like, counted part of that time, and like, I swear I heard the word like probably at least like, 100 times. It got so annoying that we like, left the bar and stood outside near, like, the tables. And like, about 15 minutes later, she like, left the bar area and went, like, outside. Then she like, came back in and like, ran right into me, cause she was ya know, like, drunk. Then she like, kept going without even saying, like, excuse me or even like, I'm sorry.
If I were like, a betting person, I'd like, lay money that she went to her dorm room and puked, if she like, made it there at all.

So like, hubby and I are talking about it later, and I, like, say Hey.. wouldn't it be, like, cra-hazy if some people, like, wrote like they, like, talked.

So now you like, know where I got the like, inspiration for this part of the like, post. Cause some like, drunk college student, like, has no idea how to properly like, use the English language.

If you made it through that entire story without wanting to hang yourself, I congratulate you on your strong constitution. Honestly, I fear most of you were like the people on the movie Airplane, who would rather die than listen to the entire stories. I know I couldn't get out of the bar fast enough. It went from amusing to nauseating after a matter of minutes.

Next time you are talking with a younger person, see if they use the word like too much. And if you are a younger person, forgive us old fogies who are driven crazy by this kind of thing. ;-)

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