Friday, April 24, 2009

New Sponsor

Hey everyone! I hope you've been having a fantastic week!

I'd like you to help me welcome Zevia as a new sponsor of Healthy Low-Carb Living. Zevia is a diet soda I can feel good about drinking and I'm thrilled they've come on board to help me spread the message about the low-carb lifestyle! With their help I'll be able to continue blogging and keeping you updated on the latest in health, diet and fitness in the low-carb world. (I'll admit to being a slacker on this lately, but that will all be changing soon.)

Zevia is a great tasting alternative to the artificially sweetened diet sodas that are on the market today. Sweetened with stevia, Zevia allows you to enjoy your soda without the worry of chemicals or sugar spikes. They just added two new flavors, so now you can enjoy the following:

Root Beer
Twist (Still my favorite!)
Black Cherry
Ginger Ale

Here is a review I wrote last August about Zevia on

I really appreciate Zevia's support and I hope you do as well. If you'd like to try Zevia for yourself, check out the banner at the top of this page.


Loss weight Tips said...

It is really a fad drinking low carb juice specially orange juice they are actually fiber drink and healthy for the body!

Jennifer said...

LOL Sorry, Amy. I see I still have the links within on my blog. I'm not sure what happened there. They don't seem to be linking much between our blogs anymore.

Hope all is well with the photography and homeschooling and everything you do.

Amy Dungan (Sparky's Girl) said...

Hi Jennifer! I just got back from vacation and we are doing great! :)

Amy Dungan (Sparky's Girl) said...

Diet tips ~ Your comment is a bit confusing. This is a healthier alternative for those of us who like diet sodas. If you are saying Orange Juice is healthier.. then you are dead wrong in regards to someone who is insulin resistant. We can't handle the sugars, especially in commercially made fruit juice drinks. You are better off eating the fruit than drinking commercial fruit juice. That being said, even some fruits are off limits when you are trying to control your insulin.