Friday, June 26, 2009

Come... laugh with me, won't you?

Awesome photo by s-s, text added by moi

Follow me as we journey through the fields of expertise that run rampant at Yahoo Health. Ah, what is this I see? A registered dietitian who thinks low-carb is unhealthy for the brain? *GASP* Thank goodness we have such knowledgeable people like this making sure we understand how the body works!



Say what? She's relying on a 3 week study in which the LC participants were subjected to drastic diet changes compared to participants with little change?

You're telling me she doesn't realize the body can make it's own glucose from protein?

Umm... can 3 weeks even be considered a real study? (Nah. That there ma'am is called Junk Science!)

Yeah, you're right. She doesn't get it.

*****Rewind Sounds*****

Follow me as we journey though the fields of biased opinion that run rampant at Yahoo Health.... (pointing and laughing at the trained monkeys is entirely up to you.)


Dana said...

Yep, that "study" -- and I use the term loosely -- was an egregious piece of crap, nearly as bad as the "Big Breakfast Study." I'd bet most people who are quitting smoking don't think so clearly in the first week or so; does that mean quitting smoking is bad? (And anyway, focus actually *improved* in the low carb group.)

And I love that thing about how hard it is to eat low carb long term, and how so many low carbers gain their weight back. I've been low carbing for fourteen years; I trust that counts as "long term?" And over 95% of people who lose weight by *any method* gain their weight back within a year. From this we conclude that all weight loss is a bad idea, right?

Jim the Guacamole Diet guy said...

"Umm... can 3 weeks even be considered a real study?"

What a farce!

Carol Bardelli said...

Good one, Amy.