Sunday, June 07, 2009

Water Challenge

Hey everyone! I've decided I'm going to challenge myself to drink more water. And while that's great by itself, I'm also challenging myself to go without a single diet soda for at least 1 week. Why you ask? Because I want to see if I'm capable of doing it. I drink way too much of the stuff and I'm afraid is has become an addiction of sorts. While I think an occasional diet soda is fine, I drink it all day, every day. And it's not Zevia, which would be better for me. It's that fountain stuff with caffeine and aspartame. Diet Rite isn't available at most restaurants and Zevia is sadly in none. Since we are on the go a lot I'm always grabbing a soda somewhere. You know, one of those BIG monsters that last me all day.

Yesterday I drank mostly water and only one diet soda, so I'm thinking that maybe I can actually do this. We shall see. Anyone wanna join me? My goal is to start tomorrow, Monday June 8th, and go all the way to Sunday, June 14th, without so much as a single diet soda droplet passing over my lips. Now the last time I did this, I gained weight because I started snacking more. My plan this time is to be aware of that snacking and avoid it.

If I can do this for a week, then maybe I can do it for two. Then three. Then... who knows! I might just kick this habit all together. Then I make sure my diet drinks will be unsweetened tea and Zevia, AFTER I've consumed all the water I should be drinking.

Feel free to join in if you have similar issues. I'll be posting daily, if possible, about my progress.


Theresa said...

Awesome idea. I'll try it too. I've been trying to make one small change a week to get back into some better habits. More water, less soda is a great one.

HunBun said...

Have you tried adding some lemon to the water? This at least adds some flavor...good luck! I'd join your quest, but I already drink about a gallon of water a day...any more and I wouldn't get anything done! LOL!

Riayn said...

Drinking less diet soda is a great idea. There is some new research out there that links diet soda to metabolic disorders and that drinking diet soda makes it hard to lose weight.

Good luck with your challenge!

Jennifer said...

Diet coke is very addictive. I agree. When it is around, I'll drink it over water. Bad, bad! I try not to buy it for home, but when we are in the city, it's too available.

Good for you! :-) Sorry about the storm you guys experienced. Wow!

Ty said...

I'm trying to do the same thing, the only time I drink water is when its in my coffee. Good luck on your mission.

Anonymous said...


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