Saturday, September 19, 2009

It Be That Time Again

Swanky photo by Strangeguy @

We`ve waited fer 't all voyage long. Today be Sept. 19th! That means 't be me favorite holiday - Talk Like A Pirate Day!

For ye landlubbers that be new t' this distinguished tradition, two scallywags decided that talkin' like a gentleman o' fortune be fun an' ortin' ta be havin' 'tis own holiday. Arr!!! I wholeheartedly agree! Mr. Dave Barry (aye, THAT Dave Barry) helped th' fella`s get `er goin' from thar.

So how do ye take part in such a classy celebration involvin' grunts n` growls n` other such fantastical noises, th' likes ye`ve nereheard before? First, ye needs a name!

Me name for this year be:

Cap'n Jean Mauvebeard

And don't ye be forgettin' it!

To find yer sea dog name, ye can use th' fancy name generator machine. Just click here.

Then, If ye new swabbies canna figure ou' seafarin' hearty language, ye can always use the pirate translator.

Now, go ou' an' don yer eye patch, peg leg an' smelly parrot. Show th' world ye`re proud t' be a gentleman o' fortune! (Or a lunatic. But I prefer th' former.)

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