Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Links and Updates

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Hey everyone!

It's a nasty, bleak, rainy day here in Illinois. I'd really still love to be in bed right now, but knowing me I'd toss and turn and think about all the stuff I should be getting done. So here I am working on some projects at the computer. Part of my daily routine is to read my favorite comics (and I have loads of them so it takes a few minutes) and catch up on my favorite blogs. I've found several interesting links lately I'd like to share.

First, an awesome post by one of my favorite bloggers - Tom Naughton. In his Fat Head blog, he gives us an idea of what life would be like if mechanics were nutritionists and nutritionists were mechanics. It's a hilarious, but true-to-life read that really helps drive the point home about how messed up some "health experts" are in their thinking. Check it out. And if you don't subscribe to his blog, you really should.

What If Mechanics and Nutritionists Switched Jobs

For those who do not know, my friend Dana Carpender started writing for CarbSmart early this year. Her weekly column is full of fun, advice and information. I especially like her column from last week about Halloween and traditions. Make sure you check it out, along with all her other great articles.

Have A Low Carb Halloween

And speaking of Halloween, I'll repost my examiner column link from last year when I wrote about non-sugar treat ideas.

The best Halloween treats for little goblins

Another friend, Laura Dolson, is looking for low-carb stories to share on about.com. If you'd like to tell your story - whether it be about weight loss, health benefits, or blood sugar control - be sure to check out her page here.

Now for an update: The scale dropped again this morning. That's now a total of 12.6 lbs gone since starting the Eades 6 Week Cure. I'm doing it a bit different than written, but Dr. Eades did say it was ok to stay on any of the week you like for as long as you like. I rotate between weeks 1-2 and weeks 3-4. So I have a shake week day or a meat week day, depending on what I feel like doing. I know I owe you all a review on the book, so I'll try to get that up asap.

Have a great low-carb day and I'll try to be back later with more interesting news. :)

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