Sunday, November 08, 2009

Gluten Free Diets and MS

A good friend of mine, Lucinda Gunnin, has been dealing with multiple sclerosis for many years now. She recently tried a gluten free diet and is experiencing some great results.

You know how you feel if you step on something while swimming? When it hurts, but the pain isn't as sharp of immediate as it should be? That's sort of how my right leg has felt for most of eight years.

So, when I walked out to the mailbox this morning and felt some soreness in the ball of my foot, I was dang near ecstatic. Whether its coincidental, anecdotal or just plain weird luck, I feel amazingly more health since getting gluten out of my regular diet.

I recommend reading the rest of her article: Treating Multiple Sclerosis with a Gluten-Free Diet

MS is a difficult disease to live with and finding any method to improve quality of life is a blessing. I know many of my readers follow a gluten free and low-carb diet. I know you understand the difficulty of finding food products free of ingredients you don't want. If you have any tips, suggestions or just want to offer her a word of encouragement, please do leave a comment on her article. If you want to learn more about MS and the gluten free diet, I recommend you subscribe to her column. I believe you'll learn a lot in the coming months as she shares her experience and journey with us.

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Lucinda Gunnin said...

Thanks for the kind words, Amy :) I would encourage anyone with an autoimmune disease to read up on gluten and find out just how much difference it makes in your health!