Thursday, July 20, 2006

Still hanging on...

Those last two pesky water-gain lbs are still hanging on. I really thought they'd be gone today, but I guess they just aren't ready to leave. I'm hoping that when they do leave they take a friend or two with them. :0)

Getting off the weight-loss topic... We had some pretty good storms here last night. We had church in the dark last night, which is always interesting. The lights went out just as we were getting started. During service several limbs blew down and hit a couple of cars. Thankfully there was no serious damage. As I was getting ready to leave I heard the tornado sirens go off, so naturally I turned around and walked right back inside. We waited until the sirens quit and the sky looked better. I have to cross a bridge to get home and couldn't because a tractor-trailer rig got caught in the wind and was blown over. It was blocking the both lanes on the bridge. After sitting in traffic for quite a while I took the nearest exit and found another route home. There are two other bridges that cross the Mississippi, and only one of those were open. So I drove the long way around to get home, but better than waiting for hours on the Interstate. I also heard reports that there was a tornado in a nearby county.

Today is more T-storms and a high of 103 with the heat index of 115. Gotta love this weather. *sigh*

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