Monday, November 13, 2006

Starting again..

I started again (for the billionth time) on my lc plan. This time feels different. For those of you who have tried something like this and succeeded, I think you know what I mean. Also, the starting date seems to have me excited. Why? Well, as crazy as it sounds, the last time I succeeded on my plan I started on Nov. 11th. This time I started on Nov. 10 and I've stuck to it like glue so far! Maybe it's something in the air this time of year that motivates me enough to do it right. Whatever the reason, I'm happy for it.

A friend today asked me if I was on my plan again. I said yes. He said he could tell, he said he already saw a loss in my face! Whoo Hoo! I know it's a small compliment.. but I'm happy for any I can get right now. I'm mostly happy because I haven't told this person I'm lcing again, so it wasn't an "I'll pay her a compliment so she'll be encouraged" kind of thing.

Also got a new treadmill, which I think is helping me tremendously. Now I can walk without worrying about weather, or what neighborhoods are safe, etc.

As you can see I'm already down 3 lbs - which is amazing since it's a rough time for me to be losing weight (female wise). So if I just hang on tight I ought to get a nice whoosh fairy visit when it's all over. :0)

Here's to new beginnings! (raising my bottle of water)

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