Thursday, December 14, 2006

Learning Balance...

I'm realizing this week just how unbalanced I've been lately. I'm having to learn to juggle several things and divide my time and energy up wisely. It's really put some things into perspective for me. It seems like I'm always so busy, even before I started working again. But now that I'm working something has changed. I'm seeing that while there will always be something to get done, I don't NEED to do it all right now. The last two nights I've been pretty tired so I just sat down and played Polly Pockets with my daughter. We had so much fun together and I realized how much I've missed by not taking that extra time to spend with my kids. It has now become my daily priority to spend at least a few minutes each day playing with my kids. Before I can blink they will be grown and too old for playing with Mommy anymore. I must embrace these days while I have them. So what if my house isn't spotless. So what if the dishes are still in the sink. They aren't going anywhere. I can do them after the kids are in bed or while they are at school, or while I'm on a work break (yep.. I'm working from home).

I also see that I need to balance my spiritual life. I seem to get sidetracked too easy. I'm either not getting my private devotional time in at all, or just speeding through it because I'm so busy. What good does that to do me? So I'm spending each morning with God and enjoying the time. Each day is getting better and I'm feeling closer. It's amazing how much better I handle the day when I've spend time with God first. I've always known that was the key, but sometimes I tend to have a lapse in memory.

Eating also must be balanced. Why is this so tough? I'll never figure it out. I just know I have a built-in penchant for foods that I do not need to be eating. Have you ever gorged on a salad? Nah.. me neither. But give me a box of chocolates or some fries... I'll eat until I'm sick. That's why I love low carb. It helps me control those self-destructive urges and helps me focus on my health.

Today I'm trying to be very good. I'm not sure what lunch will be or where it will be, but I'll try to find something acceptable. I'm working on moving things around in my office where I can use my treadmill on my breaks. I think that would be just what I need to keep me going throughout the day!

Well, work is calling. Have a great day all!

P.S. One of these days I'll get back to updating my menu on the sidebar.. just bear with me while I figure out the balance and where this blog fits in as well. :0)

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Emzi said...

I need to find balance in my spiritual life too. I think if I did that it would help a great deal...Right now, I kinda just take it as it comes, but I know that isn't the way to do it. I feel pretty horrible about it too...My husband is extremely involved in church and has been called to Ministry. I just don't see myself as a "Preacher's Wife" or whatever you want to call it...I don't feel worthy of something like that. It's a struggle every day.

Hope you are well.