Monday, January 22, 2007

Feeling very good!

I'm feeling pretty good both physically and emotionally. I'm taking my serenity as scheduled and also getting in exercise and eating right. My weight has stayed the same the last two days, but weekends are always harder on me. I really do expect a loss on the scale in the morning. If not I can definitely say I'm losing inches. While I haven't measured lately, I can feel that my clothes are loose in places.

I exercised for 45 minutes today on my treadmill. Worked up a good sweat and felt energized afterwards. I've ate very little today since I've had no appetite. (I LOVE KETOSIS!!) I've had a protein shake for breakfast, a small cup of Hood choco milk around lunch and will have some grilled cod and a salad for dinner.

I received my student ID card from NYIP today. I should have my course materials soon and I'm really pumped up about it. I can't wait to start! I really believe God is going to help me through this schooling and help me launch my career. I have to give Him all the praise for taking me this far!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day and that the lbs are just falling off you!

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