Saturday, January 20, 2007

4 lbs gone in 3 days!

Wow.. boot camp has been tough going.. but it is sure paying off! My weight stayed the same yesterday but today I got to see a new number on the scale! So after my weight bouncing back and forth the last couple of weeks due to my sticking to plan/not sticking to plan pattern, I'm now looking at progress! I kept losing and regaining the same 7 lbs because I wasn't getting serious about it. Now I'm actually 1 lb ahead of the game. Down 8 lbs total, 4 of those in the last 3 days, 1 of those a new loss. I haven't seen 195 on the scale in a long time. My goal is to end boot camp with at least another 10 lbs gone. Boot camp runs in two week sessions so I might be able to make it even though I started a couple of days late.

Can't really tell you if the Serenity is helping yet. I can say I'm feeling better, but that could be due to a number of factors. I don't expect to really notice anything for a week or so.

Walked on the treadmill yesterday for over an hour! Very happy about that. Since I'm a self proclaimed Queen of the Couch Potatoes, walking for that long is big news. What is funny is that about 20 minutes into it, my legs were aching and I didn't want to go anymore, but I'd determined to get in 30 minutes, which is required in boot camp. When I hit the 30 minute mark I was surprised to find that I no longer ached and wanted to actually walk a little more. Before I knew it I'd gone 2 1/4 miles and just over an hour. I'm not sore today either and plan to walk at least 30 mins again. We are going to a museum this afternoon so I'll get walking in there as well.

Looks like I'll be pulling my "skinny" clothes out of the closet sooner than I thought! :0)

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