Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Trying a new approach..

If you are like me, sometimes you need a good kick in the pants to get you started. Yesterday I think I found the place to get the kick from. I've been a member of the Kimkins community for a while now. I always thought of it as too strict for my tastes and figured I'd just lose slower, but be happier if I stuck with Atkins. Now I'm thinking maybe I need something a bit more radical to get me going. Kimkins just started a "boot camp" for her members and I joined yesterday. It's a very strict program of low-carb/low-cal and daily exercise. I honestly don't know if I can do this, but I'm going to give it a try. If it proves to me too much for me I can always go back to good old Atkins again, which will be my maintenance plan no matter what I lose the weight on. Wish me a great first day!

ADDED ON SEPT. 19, 2007: I have deleted almost all references to kimkins from this blog, except those I felt might be useful in fighting what we now know is a scam! I do not, nor will not ever again, advocate Kimmer or her diet plan. Please stay away from this plan. Do lots of reading and educate yourself. There is much to be learned from all of this. Thanks.

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