Friday, February 16, 2007

It's finally Friday!

I don't know why, but this week has seems to have stretched on forever. Maybe it's because I haven't felt so great. Maybe it's because I've been to the dentist 3 times. Maybe it's because of all the nasty, icy weather. Who knows. Whatever the reason, I'm glad to see it come to an end.

Tonight is a special night for my hubby and I. We are going out to celebrate Valentine's Day, since he was out of town on the actual holiday. The kids are going to the babysitter and we are going to have dinner at my favorite restaurant - P.F. Changs! They have some great items on the menu, such as lettuce wraps and Spare Ribs, that can be made low-carb if you just make some adjustments. Below you can see the screen shot of the lettuce wrap info. The carbs are unreal, but removing the rice sticks makes a huge difference!

The Northern Style Spare Ribs are the lowest carb item on the menu.. weighing in at just 6 carbs. They are served with and amazing Chinese 5 spice. There is some sugar in the 5 spice, but if you use it conservatively, you should be fine.

They have lots of high carb goodies as well. The great thing about P.F. Changs is that they will accommodate your needs, and they treat you like you are the only customers in the building! I haven't decided if I'm going to allow myself an indulgence tonight. As with most Chinese food, the carbs are astronomical, as you can see if you go to the menu, and click on the info. Even the lettuce wraps are something I would normally save for maintenance, but tonight is we'll see what I decide on. They do have a special gluten free menu for those of you who may need it. Just look for the link on the menu page.

As of yesterday I've lost 1 of the 1.5 lbs I'd gained due to being female. I expect the other 1/2 lb to be gone soon, and take some friends with it!

On Saturday I'm thinking of starting boot camp again. We had cancelled our plans to go to Las Vegas, but hubby's boss called yesterday and wants him to go. So we reserved our tickets and hotel. I have until April 11 to get off as much weight as I can. Boot camp is the only speedy way to do that. Since we don't gamble, drink, or go to most of the shows, Vegas has very little appeal to either of us. We go because that's where his trade show is. But we do manage to have fun every time we visit. It's nice to get away and I enjoy the scenery, lights, etc. I especially love the Bellagio water show. It's simply amazing what can be done with water jets, lights and music. The shopping is fun too! :0)

Have a great low-carb day!

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