Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sorry I've been MIA...

The last couple of days have been really rough. My kids both have the stomach flu and I've gotten very little sleep. Last night, thank the Lord, everyone was able to sleep throughout most of the night. The night before last my daughter started vomiting around 2:30 a.m. - we didn't get back to sleep until 7 a.m. It was a long and awful night. I was so tired yesterday I was dizzy! My son started his round of vomiting late yesterday afternoon. Thankfully he doesn't seem to have it as bad as my daughter. I'm praying they both pull out of it soon. If my little girl doesn't start keeping liquids down she's gonna need an IV to keep her hydrated. If she doesn't do better by this afternoon I'm taking her to the doctor.

My wonderful hubby took today off of work to stay home and help me with the kids. I'm so exhausted and he was scheduled to leave town for the next 3 days. He knew I couldn't keep this up if the kids didn't get better so he postponed his trip until tomorrow, barring no one gets worse. I'm praying that hubby and I are able to avoid getting it as well.

I am glad to say I'm down another lb today. I haven't started boot camp yet, but maybe when everyone is healed up I can get started. Right now I'm too stressed and tired to be super strict. I need my low-carb chocolate to get me through. :0)

I'll try to check back in soon.

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Sherrie said...

Hey hows everyone going?

We all came doen with it just before christmas, it was nasty. Like you, my daughter was worse, maybe its their age as they have been exposed to bugs less?