Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday.. bleck!

First I'll start off by telling you that as of yesterday's weigh-in, I'm down 2 more lbs! Whoo hoo! I've finally broke into the 180's! It seems like it's been forever since I've seen those numbers. Saturday I pulled a box of clothes out of my closet and started pulling out some smaller sizes. Most of them fit or will fit very soon so I left them out. Then I packed the rest up and put them back in the closet for later down the road. I feel like I've gotten a whole new wardrobe!

I'll try to get some exercise in today, but I'm not too sure it will happen. Not only is it Monday, but I woke up to find that it's that time of month that we women always dread (unless of course you have some worries about possible babies.. then you'll find women doing the victory dance in the bathroom). The one reason we'd all like to go back in time and strangle Eve before she ever got close to that tree! So anyhow.. I'm not feeling so hot today. You know all those symptoms listed on the PMS relief bottles? Yeah.. if you looked those up in the dictionary you'd see a picture of me. I'm the poster child. I just took some Advil and we'll see if they do the trick. But if they don't stop the pain.. I'm headin' right for the hard stuff - Pamprin. Then I'll sleep solid for about 2 days. So if I don't check in until Wed. you'll know I'm still in a PMS-causing, drug-induced stupor. And note that I'll be completely happy that way. :0)

Surprisingly, I found that the scale stayed the same today despite my affliction. That's a bit unusual for me. I tend to retain water like a camel. Low-carb has helped me with so many things.. but sadly my craving for chocolate and comfort foods during this time is not one of them. I won't cheat, but I'll probably overeat on sugar free chocolate.

Other news: I went to my new dentist today and he seemed really nice. I go in Wed. morning to have the first crown put on. They will fit me for the crown and apply a temp, which will take about 1 1/2 hours. Then in two weeks I can go back in and have the permanent one put 0n. It looks like I may not need quite as much work as the other dentist said. I'll only have about $1500 worth of work to be done, instead of the $4000+ the other dentist was talking about. Thank the Lord for dental discount plans! I won't be having the cosmetic stuff done any time soon, but it's an option I can look at once this necessary stuff is paid off.

OK... off to lay my achy body down and let the pills do their stuff.

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