Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Doing better today

Well, the ice and snow is pounding us and we are supposed to have around 6 inches by the end of the day. My kids spent about 45 minutes at school before their teacher called me and said that they were closing for the day. Hope this clears off before my dentist appt. tomorrow - I really want to get it over with.

Here is a pic of the Yucca plant that sits just outside our front walk. I took it just a few minutes ago, but with the way it's coming down out there, it should be all white within the next hour or so.

I'm feeling somewhat better today and didn't have to dive into the bottle of Pamprin yesterday. I am still a little achy so it looks like today I'll be on a steady diet of Advil. Yesterday, as predicted, I overate. Today, food doesn't appeal to me at all, so we'll see what happens. I stayed the same on the scale even though I feel bloated. I'm hoping when the water disappears it will take some poundage with it. I'd love to have a nice big whoosh when this is all over!

Worked on my courses for a short time yesterday. Since I wasn't feeling well it made it hard to concentrate so I finally gave up. There is so much to learn that sometimes it's overwhelming. I'm taking my time though. I want to make sure I really understand each unit before I progress to next one.

Stay warm, dry and safe today!
Update: The snow is still coming down! And my appetite changed from nill to eat every thing in sight mode. *sigh* The best thing for me to do would be to get out of the house.. and I'm iced in. I must pray for strength!

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