Monday, February 05, 2007

Tough Weekend

This weekend was super busy and we were constantly on the go. It was hard to eat the way I should, especially when we were at home of a friend. But I did very well and still dropped 1/2 a pound despite a little over eating.

My biggest thrill this week was trying on some old clothes in my closet. I wanted to see if any of them were getting closer to fitting. I didn't think they would fit and was very surprised to find they did! I even have a couple of skirts that are a bit big. Most of the clothes were size 16 or XL. I was on cloud nine all day!

Actually, I'm still on cloud nine, but I'm not going to let that momentary euphoria convince me to slack off. On-ward and down-ward!

1 comment:

Lady Atkins said...

Great work! I wish I were losing, but alas, I'm still hanging at about 145, give or take.