Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tired today...

Today is just one of those sleepy days. I'd love to stay in bed, wrapped in the warm blankets all day. Thankfully today isn't as cold as yesterday. We got down to 8 yesterday I believe. Not as cold as some of you poor people out there (-40 in some parts of the US!!!), but too stinking cold for me. I'm just not cut out to be an Eskimo. Hubby used to always talk about moving to Alaska... I'd love to visit but don't think I could live there. Speaking of Hubby, poor guy is stuck in Northern Illinois right now. The snow is coming down in torrents and the roads are getting too nasty to navigate. Instead of working he's sitting in his hotel bored to tears. We usually talk on the phone a couple of times a day when he's working out of town. We've already talked more than that today and I'm sure we'll talk again at least once or twice more since he has nothing else to do.

I thought we'd have a little fun today. How cold was it where you live yesterday? If you wanna play just post the coldest temp in your area, from yesterday, in the comment area. Then we'll compare and see who we should feel the sorriest for. LOL

I am up a pound today. Must be from all the ham I ate on Sunday. No biggie. It's just water and should disappear soon. I'm getting ready to workout on the treadmill, so that should help a lot as well.

My dental dilema may be coming closer to a resolution. We bought a dental discount plan for the whole family at a really good price. It covers all of us and we get about 50% off most procedures. According to the fee schedule I'm only going to have to spend about $1,500 to $2,000 on the work I need.. instead of over $4,000. Can't beat that.. next best thing to having insurance I guess. I have an appointment with my new dentist on Monday for a consultation. I'll let ya know how it goes.

Well, time to get on the treadmill. Have a wonderful day and keep warm!


Sherrie said...

Hello SG (I hope you don't mind SG!)

I am in Australia which is ahead of you so I am giving you my coldest for the 6th which is your 5th.

The coldest was 12.2 Celcius (54 Farenheit) and the hottest was 24C (75F)

Mind you 2 days before which was last Sunday our minimum was 13.2C (56F) and our maximum was 41.2 (106F)

Sparky's Girl said...

Hi Sherrie! Yes...SG is fine. :0)

Hmm.. Australia is sounding pretty good right now! Maybe I should come visit you! LOL! The 106F doesn't sound to appealing though. Do you have a lot of humidity when it's hot? Or is it pretty dry?

When I took my kids to school this morning it was all of 16F. They say it may get up to 30F!

Sherrie said...

Its not usually too humid where I am but it can be. On the weekend we are expecting 40C for both Saturday and Sunday.

We are having a big drought here atm so its very dry. We even have lots of restriction on using water. For example, we are only allowed to use sprinklers to water our lawns on Sundays between 5am-8am and 8pm-11pm. No other days, they are thinking of stopping the watering of lawns altogether!