Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Celebrate with me!

As you can see from my weight tracker, I'm down 2 more lbs! I decided I'd better take some measurements today as well. I forgot to last week, but last week was a rough one for me and I doubt I would have seen much in the way of results anyhow. So here are the numbers:

chest: 0
bust: -1/2
neck: 0
arm: +1/2 (Muscles are starting to form!)
waist: -3/4
hips: -1/4
belly: 0
thigh: -1/4
calf: 0

So my total so far are 10 1/2 inches gone! Now keep in mind I'm just measuring the right bicep, thigh and calf. So actually my loss could be greater. I'm just assuming that they are losing inches at the same rate. How weird would it be if they didn't?!?

To celebrate almost making it to the 20 lb mark (I'm not gonna bicker over a 1/2 lb), I'm buying a new quilt for my bed today. So celebrate with me - everyone go buy a new comforter or quilt! OK.. maybe that's not a good idea. You probably don't want a new one. Well, find a way to celebrate with me and then leave a comment letting me know what you did in my honor. :0P


katiep said...

Congratulations - 20 pounds is an amazing effort.
I am celebrating your success by a) saying a prayer to the baby Jesus for you :)
b) posting a link to your blog and webpage on my blog.
Hope the quilt is beautiful -- every time you snuggle under it at night you can remember that those 20 pounds are gone for good!
Katie xxxxx

Cindy said...

Great news!!!

Keep it up!!!

TESS said...

Way to go!!! When I am measured at Curves each month they only ever do right arm and leg, must be a reason I just never asked. To celebrate your sucess I plan to have...a pedicure. I have been thinking of doing it for some time and this will give me the push I need to make the call!

Sparky's Girl said...

You gals are the best! Thanks for celebrating with me!

Katie, thanks so much for the congrats post on your blog and thanks for the prayers. I'll be sure to post a pic of my new quilt so you all can see it.

Cindy, thanks so much for the encouragment.. I really appreciate it! Later, when I'm frustrated, I can come back and read these comments to help me get through.

Tess, glad to know I'm not the only one that measures that way. Enjoy that pedicure lady! I'm glad to help you pamper yourself. If you decide you want to spoil yourself in other ways, just let me know... I'm sure I can come up with some reason we should celebrate again. :0)

I'm truly honored that you ladies read my blog and are taking this journey with me. HUGS to you all!

Fat Victoria said...


Remember to double your inches lost for arms and legs since you have two of them. ;)

Sparky's Girl said...

Thanks Victoria! Yeah, I guess I should change those measurements. I'll sit down and figure it out and then repost it.