Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Furbabies...

I thought I'd share a couple of pics of our furbabies. (Here ya go Cindy!) These are by far the best to pets we've ever had the privilege of loving and caring for.

Here's our dog Rufus, just after we adopted him a year ago from a shelter. He is a Shepherd/Husky mix and is now approx. 2 years old. We can only estimate his age because we have no history on him. There is a sad story behind this great dog. He was dropped off at the shelter by a man who said "this dog showed up at my house and won't go away. If you don't take him I'm gonna put a bullet in his head!" The shelter was full but the lady couldn't turn Rufus away knowing the man would kill him (thank the Lord!). She took him home with her on her farm, which housed 20 other dogs. She had him one week when she brought him to PetSmart's adoption days. We saw him, walked him around the store, and fell in love! He is an amazing, intelligent dog and I can't imagine anyone wanting to kill this wonderful little guy.

Our ferret Sadie playing in the presents at Christmas. We've had her for 3 years now and bought her when she was 4 months old. She is what is called a Sable. Ferrets have great personalities and are extremely playful - much like a kitten. They are also little thief's! If anything disappears, we know to check Sadie's cage first, because she's probably taken it an stashed it away in her hiding spot. :0)


BamaGal said...

I love your babies. I want to commend you on adopting Rufus--I volunteer at our local humane society and I would take all of them home if I could. He is such a cutie.
As for Sadie---she just grabs your heart. You can see those little wheels just a turnin'---like what trouble can I get into now...hmmm

Sparky's Girl said...

I don't think I could volunteer at a humane society. It would break my heart to leave them everyday.

You have Sadie pegged right.. she can get herself into a mess very quickly! LOL

Cindy Moore said...

They are so cute!!

Mine are rescue dogs too....siblings that were put in a box and dropped on the side of the highway!! I called to adopt Daisy and when I found out she had a brother I just had to get them both! They're almost 4 now and they are definitely a matched set!! I have a bunch of pics of them walking together, sleeping in the exact same position, etc.