Saturday, March 24, 2007

The way I do it...

I've decided to write a quick post in answer to Katiep's question left in the comment section of my last post. I thought It might be beneficial for others who are wondering the same thing, which is what am I doing to lose weight.

First let me say that I'm doing the Atkins plan, which is considered the most "radical" of the low-carb plans. At present I'm doing a plan closer to the 1972 version of Atkins, than the newest version. My carbs are pretty low most of the time. I'd venture to guess they are regularly under 20 carbs. The reason I say "guess" is because I really don't know. I'm no longer keeping track because I tend to obsess over it, which seems to do me more damage than good. I have a good knowledge of what I can and can't eat, as well as the carb counts in most foods. So I look at my food choices and just mentally tally my carb counts in the meal. Sometimes I go over 20, sometimes I don't reach it. But I do not write it down or let a few grams of carbs bother me. I did that last time and I almost drove me nutso.

As an idea of my menu, here's what I normally do:

Breakfast: EAS protein shake

Mid-Morning (after workout): EAS protein shake (this is something I just started doing a couple of weeks ago)

Lunch: smoked turkey with melted cheddar/colby on top (just enough to fill a small plate - no huge portions) OR small bowl of chicken salad (I'd be glad to share my recipe) and a pickle, OR small salad and baked fish.

Mid-afternoon snack: I try not to snack between meals unless I just really feel hungry. (The after workout shake being the exception) If I do it may be a protein bar, shake, or a few ounces of cheese. I try to choose something that will last me a while.

Dinner: Grilled meats and veggies. Sometimes I'll make one of my favorite lc dishes, like Green Chili and Jack chicken. This meal will vary a lot with me since it's the meal that we almost always eat as a family.

If I am hungry between dinner and bedtime, especially if I'm wanting chocolate, I'll make my favorite flavored coffee (decaf) and sip on that through-out the evening. It really helps keep me from mindless eating.

I'll admit I don't drink near enough water. I'm a diet rite junkie. It's my biggest vice. But it could be worse so I don't concern myself over it too much. If I did drink more water I would almost bet the farm I'd lose even faster. I've seen it happen before that way.

This is just to give you a general idea. I don't count calories and I don't worry about fat.

My workouts are pretty simple right now. I spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day, but usually an hour, on my treadmill. I do this 6 days a week. I do try to make those 30+ minutes count by pushing myself enough to be sure I work up a good sweat. I am usually in dire need of a shower afterwards.

I'm also sure to take my supplements. I take a multi-vitamin, chromium, fish oil, and calcium. The calcium and multi really need no explanation. The fish oil helps with depression, as does the chromium. The chromium also has been shown to help metabolize fat. I have a book that tells all about this. I'll have to find it and share some info from it soon.

That's pretty much it. I keep it simple. I try not to indulge in lc sweets or lc junk food very often, although I do occasionally.

Do keep in mind that I still have over 45 lbs to lose. As I near goal, my loss will slow down and I'll have to be patient to see the lose last 10 lbs or so disappear. There's a chance I'll have to work a bit harder at it as well. But I NEVER plan to go back to counting like a maniac and panicking if I accidentally eat a crouton.

I don't fight my body, I work with it. I just try to live, have a good outlook, and be content where I am at right now, knowing that with each passing day I'm losing weight and seeing progress. And as long as I stick with it I'll be just fine. I think sometimes we slow ourselves down by stressing over it.

So anyhoo.. that's what I do. It's not scientific. It may not even make sense to some, but it works for me and I'm happiest doing it this way.

I'd be more than happy to share recipes, suggestions, etc with anyone who'd like me to. I used to moderate a low-carb forum several years ago, so I'm used to helping people with their menu's and such.


katiep said...

Thank you so much. Sounds pretty much what I do except I don't have the protein shakes or the protein bars. Love the low carb life!!
Even after my off plan eating yesterday I am back on track today without too much trouble.

Cindy said...

I try to not obsess about it too. Basically, I keep the right foods in the house and eat them. I recently restarted recording everything, but I don't worry about the amounts.

Like they say, eat when you're hungry, and eat until you're satisfied. If I do this and eat the "right" foods, I'm fine.

Fat Victoria said...

The shake after working out is a good idea. I found that I lose a TON of muscle mass if I don't have protein after I workout. I currently use either an Atkins or EAS shake (I prefer EAS - fewer calories, but have a lot of Atkins shakes to use up) and mix a scoop of whey protein with it. 35g protein shake that tastes like a milkshake. :)

Sparky's Girl said...

I'm sorry that I didn't have some recommendation or magic secret to help you out. I believe that when I'm a few lbs from goal I'll be in the same boat you are. That just seems to be the way it goes. I'm very glad you got right back on track and are doing well!

I agree. I don't want to spend the rest of my life counting every bite, that wouldn't be living to me. But as long as I can look at a food and think "yeah.. it's good for me" or "no.. better not have any of that today" I'm good.

I had forgotten the benefits of protein after a workout until a couple of weeks ago. While low-carbers have the advanage of burning more fat in a quicker amount of time, and keep more muscle mass during a workout, we still can benefit from the protein.
EAS is by far my favorite shake. I can't really bring myself to drink any of the others.

BamaGal said...

I like y'alls attitude about not watching every morsel you put in your mouth. So many of my fellow WLS friends are very obsessed with this. I never have been since my surgery---and I've been very successful---but then I am strictly low carb---20gms or less a day.
As for the protein after workout--it is good but I see problems with people who try to workout on an empty stomach---then wonder why they are dizzy---

Sparky's Girl said...


Why obsess? It just makes you miserable. Who want's to live that way? I hope you WLS friends learn that soon so they can be happy AND healthy.

I agree about working out on an empty stomach. I never workout if I haven't eat for a while or I feel hunger pains. I'll have a snack and then wait about 30 minutes, then work out. Usually I workout out about an hour after breakfast, so I rarely have to do that.