Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sore losers...

Boo Hoo, cry me a river. Here's a tissue...

Ya know, there is nothing worse than a sore loser. They whine about how unfair something is or they talk about lack of equality. Just suck it up and admit you didn't come out on top this time! Why am I talking about this? Because of this article on Yahoo. By now I'm sure you've heard all about the JAMA study comparing diet plans and their effectiveness. As great as that is, I don't want to talk about it. You can find plenty of wonderful and informed blog posts on that topic. What I want to discuss is the whining by the other diet creators. Such as...

The study "had a good concept and incredibly pathetic execution," said Zone diet creator Barry Sears.

There may be a measure of truth in this complaint. I wasn't there to see how they conducted this study so I can't say he's completely off base. But it's still sounds like whining. This study seemed to be based on how things happen in the real world. We can't have a dietitian watching our every move to make sure we follow the plan to the letter. It's not realistic.

It's a lot easier to follow a diet that tells you to eat bacon and brie than to eat predominantly fruits and vegetables," said Dr. Dean Ornish, creator of the Ornish diet.

As for Ornish.. ugh. Where do I begin? First, he obviously is still determined to fabricate the myth that Atkins is not about fruits and veggies. He is spouting the same old lies about Atkins being an all meat and cheese diet. Second, he's admitting that Atkins is easier to follow, which frankly cracks me up. Mr. Ornish is 100% correct and this is probably the only time I've ever agreed with him. As has been mentioned a bazillion times, protein and fat fill you up and keep you satisfied. THAT is why it's easier to stick with a low-carb plan. So.. would you like a little cheese with that whine Mr. Ornish? Oops.. for give me. I forgot. You think cheese is evil. How about some tofu then.

Shouldn't everyone be happy that we are learning what may or may not help literally millions of obese people across the globe? Yes.. regardless of the findings, curing disease and helping people regain their health should be the number one concern. Why do these other diet gurus care so much that their plans didn't make the top rating? I can sum it up in 5 letters: M-O-N-E-Y. If a study comes out saying this is the best way to do something, people run like lemmings to try it. They know that most people won't do their own research and therefore will be influenced by the latest headlines. This means less book and product sales for them. I wouldn't be surprised if we see another mini low-carb craze for a while. I just hope this time people will actually read the books, educate themselves and do it correctly.

I'll be the first to admit that low-carb isn't for everyone. There is no one-size-fits-all diet plan. We have to find what works for us and make it happen. While I felt awful on a low-fat diet, and yes I'll complain about what I went through now and again, I do not condemn those who use low-fat to take care of themselves. All we want, as low-carbers, is the same respect that is given to other diet plan followers and acknowledgement of our specific health needs. Is that really too much to ask?

OK.. now I'm whining. Pass me those tissues.

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