Thursday, April 26, 2007

Leaving for the weekend..

Hey gang. I'm going to have to keep this post short, as I am preparing to leave for a long weekend. We had some things come up last minute that we have to leave town for. Sadly this means I will not be walking in the March of Dimes Walk America. I want to thank everyone who has donated to this cause. I have passed all my paperwork to my sister, who will be turning it in for me today. Your donations will still be sent to the March of Dimes, the only difference is that I won't be there to walk with everyone as I'd planned.

I could use a lot of prayer right now (from those of you who pray or believe in prayer). We have a couple of stressful situations going on and it's been hard on me. My weight loss has stopped. I've been bouncing up and down with the same 2-3 lbs in the last couple of weeks. It's not a platau - it's my fault. I'm not eating as well as I should be. This weekend will be no different I'm afraid. Mind you I'm not gorging on candy and fries or anything, it's just I'm not making the most nutrient dense choices. I'm eating more than I should, even though it's low-carb, and I'm seeking comfort food and snacks constantly.

Today is one of those days where I could just stay in bed and cry myself to sleep. I'm overwhelmed by several things that I don't feel comfortable discussing here just as yet.

So this will more than likely be my last post until Monday or Tuesday of next week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with love, laughter, great food and friends.


TESS said...

Prayers are with you. Try not to stress to much over the weight. A couple of lbs will be easy to take care of later. do try to make some time for yourself to relax, if it is nothing more than finding an empty room, locking the door and meditating for just 5 min.

Nicole (SummersComing) said...

I am visiting for the first time but I was compelled to offer you some cyber support. I hope whatever you are facing passes quickly and leaves you unscathed. Who cares about the food right now, sounds like you have more important things to worry about. Good luck.

Sparky's Girl said...

Hi Tess and Nicole,

I'm checking in from my hotel room. Thanks for the support. I'll be better when the weekend is over. Tomorrow will be a somewhat relaxing day. We are taking the kids to the zoo. Food is the last thing I'm worrying about right now. I'm shooting for damage control until things calm down.

Welcome Nicole! Thanks for visiting me! I promise to have more uplifiting posts in the future, so please visit me again sometime! :0)

Cherry said...

Hope's everything fine there. I tend to find comfort in foods when I am stressfull too

Sparky's Girl said...

Thanks Cherry, I'm doing better today. My emotional eating caused a 4lb gain this weekend. I'll get to work getting if off.. but it's frustrating when that happens. I know it will be gone soon.. I've just gotta hang in there.