Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 15, 2007

I stayed the same on the scale today, which is up about 4 lbs from my lowest weight. I've been really lazy the last 3 weeks. I guess all the stress I was under did more damage than I thought. Today is a new day though!

Breakfast: Chocolate Flax Cereal - 2 carbs (I use chocolate protein powder, hence the name change)

Water: 16 ounces

No exercise yet.

Update #1

Treadmill - 33 minutes, 1.32 miles, 153 calories burned
Pilates - 10 minute buttocks workout
Water: 16 ounces

Update #2

Lunch: 2 Atkins bars (I was really hungry and not at home..) - 6 carbs

Snack: 1 Atkins bar - 3 carbs (yeah.. I over ate on the bars.. but they kept me out of the cookies I was talking about yesterday)

Dinner: Spicy Shrimp - 5 carbs

Water total for day: 64+ ounces
Carb total for day: 16 carbs


oceans said...

Hi Amy! I just found you again. How have you been? What board are you on now?

Are you involved at all in the Kimkins plan?


Sparky's Girl said...

Hi Ava! It's great to hear from you! I don't post much on boards anymore.. this blog keeps me pretty busy. But I try to check in on the Truly Low Carb forum and at Kimkins.
I've done Kimkins bootcamp, which has had some amazing results. I'm doing my best on the Atkins '72 plan. Send me an email at amy@healthylowcarbliving.com and we'll catch up on old times!