Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 16, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was a rough day for me emotionally. I had some major stress yesterday, but I'm glad to announce I didn't cave in to it. I kept myself preoccupied and busy. At some points the stress was so bad that I was literally sick at my stomach.. which also aides in my lack of hunger I guess. Whatever the reason, I did well and the scale rewarded me. I'm down 1.5 lbs.. which only leaves 2.5 until I'm back at my lowest weight.

Today so far:
Breakfast: EAS Carb Control Shake - 2 carbs
Water: none yet

I'll update more later.. need to go get on the treadmill.

Update #1

Treadmill - 33 minutes, 1.32 miles, 153 calories burned
Pilates - 10 minutes Thigh workout

Water so far: 16 ounces (I need to get a move on this!)

Update #2

Lunch: Low-Carb Pizza - 5 carbs

Snack: Atkins Bar - 2 carbs

Dinner: Hamburger Patty, green beans almondine, pickle - 5 carbs

Dessert: Frozen Chocolate Kisses - 4 carbs

Total for the day: 18 carbs
Total water for the day: 48 ounces


Sofie said...

Way to go! I know when I'm stressed my first impulse is to overeat. I just started on my own weightloss journey. Congrats on doing so well

Sparky's Girl said...

Thanks Sofie! Good luck on your new weight loss endeavor as well!